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Detection and management of coronavirus

A brief document on Detection & Management of Coronavirus. (All the methodologies listed here are only for information & education purposes & to ensure that patients are not left unattended in this healthcare catastrophe. Please check with your doctors on advice for medicines which might have side effects. The reason we have listed drug names also instead of just salts is that we don't want patients to waste time on google searching salts, we as a group have no allied interest / vested intent in promoting any of the pharmaceutical brands). Stay Safe/ Create Safety Net Bubbles Around You / Be Paranoid / Mask Up / Get Vaccinated. As a hospital promoter I can tell you that patients who had been vaccinated are seeing extremely mild / moderate symptoms. Vaccines might not protect you from contracting the disease but will surely help in saving your life.

Our healthcare infrastructure is in a mess currently, let all of us get educated on Covid & become Covid Doctors so that we ensure that we don't add to the list of severe cases who need hospitalisation & at home can treat ourselves & our families & at the same time know when to knock the doors of a hospital. Let us ensure that there is no 3rd wave by acting paranoid, acting swift & ensuring there is mass vaccination.

Dr Ravi Malik
CMD, Radix Healthcare